The Grants and Loans policy was reviewed in 2018/19 with the changes introduced from 1st April 2019.

Startup Grants (Beavers- Explorers)

The County offers support from our Growth & Development Officer, Mark Guy, as well as financial support. The Start-up Grants are as follows:

  • A new Section in a Group or a District Explorer Unit will receive a grant of £500.
  • A new Group will receive a grant of £1,500.

The application can be made by the GSL, DESC or District Commissioner using this form. In addition, in its first year only of operation, County will financially support any new Group (but not section) by reducing the Scout Association’s membership fees as follows:

A Group starting between:

  • 0-3 months before Jan 31st census count – 100% discount.
  • 4-6 months before Jan 31st census count –   75% discount.
  • 7-9 months before Jan 31st census count –   50% discount.
  • 10-12 months before Jan 31st census count –   25% discount.

UK Scout Headquarters also offer funding for a new Group, Section or Unit, but the HQ Grants Committee will only award start-up grants where the new Group, Section or Unit meets in a deprived area based on the rating given to the Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Further HQ details and an application form can be found here.

County Hardship Grants

All hardship cases are considered by the County Executive. It relies on the judgement of The Scout Association’s Grants Award procedures to award individual grants. All individuals will need to successfully apply for a hardship grant from the Scout Association.  Further HQ details and an application form can be found here. If a HQ grant is awarded:

  • Individual members will receive 33.33% of remaining costs to a maximum of £100.
  • District/ County members will receive 50% of remaining costs to a maximum of £100.

Contact the County office for further information. Hardship grants can be used for any purpose and will also be paid in addition to any International or Early Help funding.

Early Help Grants (EH)

Grants for youth members enrolled through the EH program are managed from the County Office. EH funding is for payment of subs and uniform to allow children to participate in weekly scout meetings or UK camping trips. EH funding cannot be used for international trips. Contact the County office for further information.

International Grants

All International Expeditions will be considered by the County International Funding Committee. Starting with the 2020 visits abroad the procedure has changed.

  • International events should be planned well in advance and the ACC International and County Grants and Loans Manager advised of your proposals by completing:
    • Visits Abroad Form. Information available for download below.
    • International Travel Grant Form below
    • Expedition Budget
  • A deadline for grant applications is set as November 30th in the calendar year before the date of the trip, e.g. Trips for 2020 need to be received by November 30th 2019.
  • All expeditions will be reviewed in December and grants allocated from a budget set by the County Executive. The ACC International will advise the event leader of the funding in January of the year of the trip.
  • Funds will then be released to the event organizer one month before the departure date and upon confirmation that the trip is proceeding as planned.
  • Hardship funds may be claimed but EH funding will not be granted.
  • Jamboree, Eurojam, Moots and IST
  • Funding for these events is ring-fenced by the County Executive and held by the ACC International.
  • Successful appointments, as a leader, IST or youth member, to an international event will action funding.  No application forms are needed.
  • ACC international or unit leaders will advise grant funding to successful applicants.
  • Hardship funds may be claimed but EH funding will not be granted.

Adventurous Training Grants

County will allocate an annual budget for Adventurous Training which will be managed by a panel, led by ACC Activities, who will determine the allocation of funds. SASU members and County Assessors will (from April 2020) be required to submit all their training needs to the panel as will applications for adventurous training permits which are outside of a SASU.

The Assessor Funding application should be submitted to the ACC Activities using the form below.

Funding is available for adventurous activity training required to support:

  • Adults gaining TSA activity permits and supporting Scouts in gaining access to that activity.
  • Explorer/Network members to obtain an adventurous activity qualification as part of Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme or similar.
  • County Assessors

Funding is not available for:

  • Young people to take part in adventurous activities
  • Or for adults to participate in activities not approved by TSA adventurous activities scheme.

County Loans

County Loans should be discussed with the County Grants and Loans Coordinator before any application is made. We may not be able to support loans if individuals, Groups or Districts have committed to expenditure before submitting an application. The application can be made by the GSL, DESC or DC using the form below

 Loans are:

  • Available up to a maximum value of £10,000.
  • Interest free
  • Payable by standing order over a maximum of 60 months dependent on the loan value.
  • Available for any purpose.

Loans to:

  • Groups or District ESUs will need to be endorsed and guaranteed by Districts.
  • Districts are issued in good faith but must be endorsed by the District Executive Committee.